50 MINUTE RETREAT: "Being Open to Flow"

Wednesday December 9, 2015 12-1pm (Eastern Time)

(4th Wed of Month except June & December on 2nd Wed)

This Month:  "Being Open to Flow"

50 MINUTE RETREAT will focus this season on the Principles and Practices of Creating Circle Culture: The Re-Awakening of Ancient and Alternative Wisdom.  Circle Culture begins to emerge as we connect to our Authentic Self, our True Self, and remember that we are all a Beloved Child of God. It expands when we create a safe environment for people to show up authentically and courageously, and to connect at a significant depth.  Circle Culture is intentional about deep listening and trusts that we have the wisdom within us and amongst us to lead us toward the wholeness that we seek. Take 50 Minutes for a Transformational Break to reconnect to You, the Divine and the gift of a community engaged together in life-giving spiritual and community practices that shift how our presence impacts the world. 

Handouts for the event


Each retreat costs approximately $400 to produce. We invite you to consider making a financial contribution that matches your interest and ability. If you can't pay for this retreat, we'll still welcome you. If you can, we'd appreciate your support. Options to consider:

  • Contribution of your choice, for EACH retreat. Suggested contribution: $7.99, or $14.99, or $19.99.


“It was awesome!”
"A real blessing"
"What a wonderful hour spent"
"Thanks for the grounding and the feeding."
"Thank you for this gift."
"Very effective for me."
"Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat."
"Beyond my expectations!!"

Facilitator Karen Hilfman Millson will guide you in experiences of simple practice, both personal and communal, using words, images and silence.

To prepare:

  1. set aside the 50 minutes (plus 5 minutes at each end to share technical info and close),
  2. turn off as many communication devices as possible,
  3. find a comfortable place to sit where you can hear the computer,
  4. bring something to journal with, and
  5. have a candle ready to light if possible. If you have to leave part way through set an alarm to signal the time so that you are not focusing on a clock.

The retreat will include meditation, journaling, visualization and simple practices as nourishment for this season. Looking forward to connecting!

Please share this opportunity with colleagues and others in your congregation. Knowing we are connecting from coast to coast to coast (and beyond) and from heart to heart to heart (in real time and with the recording) creates an energetic impact that is powerful.


The 50 Minute Retreat is for anyone connected to The United Church of Canada and beyond.

This retreat is brought to you by:
EDGE: A Network for Ministry Development



Karen Hilfman MilsonKaren Hilfman Millson is an Authentic Connection Coach and Circle Facilitator as well as an ordained minister in The United Church of Canada. Throughout her ministry Karen has been passionate about creating significant conversations that tap into the gifts and vision within individuals and communities – a way of being which she calls Circle Culture. Her work in Circle Culture is designed to create opportunity for people to connect to their authentic self and engage in significant conversation with others from that deep core so that the creativity, wisdom and future possibilities within us and amongst us have the opportunity to emerge. Circle Culture is created through a variety of spiritual practices and through the development of intentional characteristics for community. Through Circle Culture Coaching (www.CircleCultureInstitute.com) Karen works with individuals as well as congregations and business teams.


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