Beyond the Talking Head

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The Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry


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 Course Description

Webinars have become the bright shiny new toy in church communications, but all too often presenters rely on the worst of 1950’s pedagogy. Talking heads are not very exciting to watch live on a stage or lecture hall; in a webinar they’re even more boring, and the most riveting content in the world can fall flat.

In this workshop, Stephen Fetter will share some of the strategies he’s been using over the past several years. We’ll review some of the elements of Adult Learning Theory, and consider how many of us already tend to put these into practice in “live” settings. We’ll talk about the value of PowerPoints slides (and how to write an engaging set), video clips, and games as teaching tools.


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The Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry (ALLLM)

This program is part of a series offered by ALLLM, primarily focused at the needs of those who plan and offer programing for lifelong learning of church leaders. For the rest of 2015 (excluding July and August) we're planning a series of monthly webinars presenting a wide variety of North American leaders who are using and experimenting with ways to use new media to enhance ministry. These webinars aren't restricted to program providers, however. We know that the topics will be of interest to lots of people in the church, whether or not your job is to create lifelong learning programs for ministers. When we move into small group discussion, we'll try to group together those whose job it is to create programming, and those who simply have a more general interest in the topic at hand. You're welcome to join us, whichever category you fall into!


This month's Workshop Leader

Stephen Fetter divides his time between parish ministry in Toronto, Ontario, and working for the General Council Office of The United Church of Canada. He has created, and maintains, a General Council program which offers dozens of webinar and distance-learning events each year for ministry personnel and lay leaders. Steve has been the Secretary of ALLLM, and is the host of this webinar series.