The Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry is pleased to offer this series of webinars as part of our commitment to supporting the ministry of those who equip and nurture the ongoing ministry of leaders in the church. The webinars are open to all, with a discount for those who are members of the Association.

Program Description



Tuesday February 23

2pm ET

ALLLM Open Forum

The Association of Leaders of LifeLong Learning In Ministry exists to support the ministry of those who prepare lifelong learning programs for church leaders.

As a part of that ministry, we're committed to offering an opportunity twice a year for members to gather to share their joys and struggles, and to help the Leadership Team discern the best way to fulfill this mandate. We regularly hear that organizing Lifelong Learning events can be a lonely job -- even others in the institutions we work for don't always understand the nature and focus of what we do; normally we work within institutions that are more focussed on credentialing leaders than on offering on-going support, or within judicatory institutions where in-service education of the leadership is only a tiny portion of the institution's responsibility. ALLLM is a place where we can gather with other who do what we do, and who are facing the same issues, challenges, and successes.


This month's month is focused on the specific needs of equipping clergy and lay leaders for Small Church ministry. Before we kick off a new series of webinars with experts in the field, we want to hear from you:

  • How do identify the needs of the Small Church leaders that you serve? What makes them different from leaders in larger churches?
  • How does that list of needs affect the programming you offer? Do you specifically offer programs to this demographic? If so, what topics do you choose, and how do you adapt the teaching style and content to address those needs?
  • What resource people (experts) do you rely on in your setting to lead courses for church leaders in this demographic? Would you recommend the people you work with to other ALLLM institutions?

Please join us for a discussion around the needs of Small Church leaders and how ALLLM members can help them engage in the ministry that God has called them to.





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