Introducing The Sexual Abuse Prevention & Response Policy

Boundary Issues for Church Leaders

New dates are being planned for October 2017
please check back in September

(11:00 am - 3:30 pm ET)


This workshop will last 4.5 hours, with a 1/2 hour break half way through. Here are the start times in each of Canada's time zones:


Location March 4May 18Time Zone
St. John's (Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador)  12:30:00 pm 12:30:00 pm NST
Halifax (Canada - Nova Scotia) 12:00:00 noon 12:00:00 noon AST
Toronto (Canada - Ontario) 11:00:00 am 11:00:00 am EST
Winnipeg (Canada - Manitoba) 10:00:00 am 10:00:00 am CST
Regina (Canada - Saskatchewan) 10:00:00 am 9:00:00 am CST
Edmonton (Canada - Alberta)  9:00:00 am 9:00:00 am MST
Vancouver (Canada - British Columbia)  8:00:00 am 8:00:00 am PST



This course will be offered online by Internet and toll-free telephone conference call. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection, and a telephone. We’ll use a conference call system that can put callers into small groups for discussion, or keep us all together for “plenary” sessions.

Course Description:

This course meets the requirements for mandatory training in the Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response Policy for ministry personnel.

We'll explore some of the common boundary issues that can emerge in the practice of ministry, and discuss how to expand our repertoire of strategies for dealing with situations that can require careful judgment. The course will be an opportunity to discuss best practices with others in church leadership across the country; find out how others cope with complicated boundary issues; and reflect on how to ensure that the church continues to be a safe and hospitable place for everyone.

We'll use some video clips from FaithTrust Institute, and case studies developed from real-life ministry settings in Canada to spark small group discussion. Visuals will be broadcast through the Internet; audio will be by toll-free telephone conference call. The audio system allows for us to move back and forth between plenary presentations and small group discussion.

Cost: $50

$10 discount if you pay online with a credit card


This course is offered by our Conference Personnel Ministers. There will be two of them on the line for each session, but each team is different. Here are some of those who might be involved:


Kathy McDonald
General Council Legal/Judicial Counsel
Stephen Fetter
General Council Program Coordinator for Continuing Education

Todd MacDonald
Toronto Conference Personnel Minister

Treena Duncan
BC Conference Personnel Minister


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If the currently listed dates are not convenient for you, you're welcome to go onto our waiting list, and we'll let you know as soon as new sessions have been scheduled.

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