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One Order of Ministry

information about Remit 6

Wednesday September 28, 7-8 pm Eastern Time
or 8:30 - 9:30 pm Eastern Time

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Course Description

Are you wondering how to introduce the new remits to your congregational board/council?

Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between the different streams of ministry in The United Church. Various surveys have pointed to congregations not being concerned about the differences among the various streams of ministry, but rather deeply concerned about effective and faithful ministry leadership.The reality on the ground is that each stream is commonly appointed or called to similar functions in solo pastoral ministry leadership, including the sacraments.

If this remit is approved, several different educational pathways will lead to a single stream of paid accountable ministry in the United Church known as the ordained ministry of word, sacrament, education, service and pastoral care.

In this webinar we'll look at the suggestion that the church move to One Order of Ministry, as proposed in Remit 6. We'll talk about what might be gained or lost if this remit is passed, and the key points that presbyteries and pastoral charge boards/councils need to consider as they prepare to vote on the remit.

Click HERE for information on each of the remits before the church right now.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for those who will be leading the discussion about Remit 6 in their presbytery and/or pastoral charge Council/Board, but it's open to all who are interested in the issues.

Technological Requirements

If you're participating from home alone, all you'll need is a computer with high speed Internet access and a telephone.

If you're participating with a group from your congregation, please Click HERE to read some recommendations on how to view a webinar as a group.

Cost: FREE

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Workshop Leaders


Adam Hanley

Adam Hanley, Ordained Minister, Program Coordinator for Ministry Personnel Vitality in the Ministry and Employment Unit and former chair of the Permanent Committee on Ministry and Employment Policies and Services.  



Michelle OwensMichelle Owens, Diaconal Minister and Conference Personnel Minister for London Conference, will be the facilitator for this program.




Daniel HaywardDan Hayward, Ordained Minister, is chair of the Theology and Interchurch Interfaith Committee, and a member of the working group that developed the proposal.



Lorna King

Lorna King, Designated Lay Minister, is a member of the Permanent Committee for Ministry and Employment Services, and a member of the working group that developed the proposal.




Debra Lynne KigarDebra Kigar, Diaconal Minister, Chair of the Permanent Committee for Ministry and Employment Services




Theresa Burnett Cole


Teresa Burnett-Cole, Ordained Minister, member of the Theology and Interchurch Interfaith Committeee



Alan Hall

As Executive Officer of Ministry and Employment at The United Church of Canada, Alan Hall oversees policies and services that support ministers in pastoral relationships, along with dealing with compensation, pensions, and benefits. He describes himself as “high church,” explaining that he loves liturgical, ceremonial elements in worship and believes that “pipe organs are the most incredible musical instruments.”