Funding a New Model of the Church

information about Remit 4

Wednesday May 25, 7-8 pm Eastern Time
Wednesday May 25, 8:30 - 930 pm Eastern Time


Moving to a 3-Council Model; May 16 7pm ETRecording and Resources

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Course Description

Are you wondering how to introduce the new remits to your Congregational Board/Council?

Pastoral charge assessments now cover the cost of presbyteries and conferences, with General Council Office costs covered by Mission & Service, donations, investment revenues, and donations. This remit proposes that pastoral charge assessments pay for all governance costs, leaving Mission & Service funds solely for mission and ministry expenditures.

In this webinar we'll look at the proposal for a new way of funding the church's governance and mission proposed in Remit 4. We'll talk about what might be gained or lost if this remit is passed, and the key points that presbyteries and church Boards/Councils need to consider as they prepare to vote on the remit.

Click HERE for information on each of the remits before the church right now.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for those who will be leading the discussion about Remit 4 in their presbytery and/or pastoral charge Council/Board, but it's open to all who are interested in the issues.


Workshop Leaders

Erik MathiesonErik Mathiesen is Chief Financial Officer for the General Council Office of the United Church of Canada, and is responsible for all aspects of financial management, reporting and compliance. He’s also a lifelong volunteer for causes such as affordable housing, and is known as an off-piste (unconventional) thinker, which he uses to his advantage in providing problem solving and advice to all parts of the church. In his Toronto neighbourhood, he is known for having an inflatable decoration for every occasion.


Brian CorneliusThe Rev. Brian Cornelius leads an affirming congregation at First United in Ottawa, which values creative worship, contemporary theological engagement, healing ministries, while grappling with understanding “Emergence Christianity.” He is also a member on the Montreal and Ottawa Conference Finance Committee and a member of the General Council Executive for almost 10 years, the last four as Chair of the Permanent Committee on Finance and Philanthropy.  In his spare time, he indulges in swimming, curling, softball, running, spending time at the gym, reading and developing his understandings of narrative theology/therapy.

Cheryl CurtisCheryl Curtis has served as program staff and volunteer at all levels of the United Church. She brings extensive experience as a manager, educator, facilitator, and presenter to her role as Mission & Service Funding Officer for the church. Her role is to maximize the church’s commitment to our $30 million unified annual fund, and to promote a compelling vision of Mission and Service. She has a particular interest in connecting kids to M&S. In her spare time, Cheryl and her family keep honey bees, cultivate fruit trees, and grow some of their food.